Real Estate Broking


Real estate broking is an essential service which gets critical as the economy grows, cities grow and real estate prices escalate.

The real estate broking industry is right now fragmented and the market share is spread amongst a lot of small businesses. In developed economies, real estate broking is not a small business. There are agents who earn a million dollars plus commission even in slow economies. There are real estate offices housing 500+ agents in a single location.

As the Indian economy grows it is a right time for small business owners tostart real estate broking and grow along with the economy. Small business opportunities to grow into a large sustainable business are rare to find. This is one such rare opportunity.

A RE/MAX franchise is the best small business idea in India because:

  • Second largest population in the world
  • One of the fastest growing economies in the world
  • A vacuum of good real estate brokers
  • A very high potential to earn
  • Low capital requirements as broking is a service business

With the real estate valuations growing the brokerage commissions hover around 1% to 5%. This results in to a tremendous gain for the broker. For a ballpark estimate of earnings you can estimate your transaction size and number of transactions per month to calculate your monthly income.


A RE/MAX franchise owner gets a lot of training. Training topics include:

  • Everything you need to know about real estate in your area and in India.
  • How to start your business?
  • How to become broker?
  • How to run, operate and administer a real estate office?
  • How to recruit agents?
  • How to monitor each agent and motivate him to perform better?
  • How to use technology in real estate broking?