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As a RE/MAX real estate franchisee, you have the freedom to do things your way while benefiting from the support the world's foremost real estate brand has to offer. RE/MAX platform supports everything like sell property, property for sale by owner, real estate homes sale, sell real estate, real estate businesses for sale, real estate broking, real estate agent brokers, on line broker business and more. Get remax review and its success story with real estate business letters of RE/MAX.

RE/MAX Real Estate Broker Website :

RE/MAX Website RE/MAX is a leader in using web technology to help potential buyers find the house they want, linking them directly to agents in the RE/MAXnetwork. On the RE/MAX website buyers can search for listings and find out contact details of their closest local real estate agents and real estate buyers agent.

RE/MAX Mainstreet :

RE/MAX Mainstreet is an internal real estate site for members only and has been developed to allow agents to network with each other, update their profiles, exchange ideas, download logos and materials, and much, much more. The real estate website, which is closed to the general public, encourages real estate agents and brokers to share knowledge and experience, allowingRE/MAX to continue to achieve high levels of success and client satisfaction.RE/MAX plan to work closely with real estate agency in India in order to expand its business.

Real Estate Business Agents Chhattisgarh - Agent Training On Demand :

Agent Training On Demand is delivered through RE/MAX Mainstreet and allows agents to keep ahead of the pack with up-to-date information on a range of real estate topics. Streaming video channels cover everything: best practice; agent education; team building techniques; technology and innovation; coaching opportunities; and promotions in the company. Management Training On Demand Management Training On Demand is also available through Mainstreet. It gives franchise owners and managers access to training on how to successfully manage a profitable office. From how to get an office up and running, to regional contacts, case studies and coaching, Management Training On Demand is tailor made to help you achieve real estate excellence. RE/MAXWeb Roster The RE/MAX Web Roster gets potential clients in touch with agents both through the RE/MAX Website (where clients can link directly to an agent), and RE/MAX Mainstreet (where agents can identify referral candidates). Agents can update their own profiles - including adding a photo - free via Mainstreet.RE/MAX Satellite Network RE/MAX Satellite Network, powered by RE/MAXUniversity, is the real estate industry's first and only propriety educational television network in the United States. Indian agents can view streaming video off RE/MAX Satellite Network online through Mainstreet. With the introduction ofRE/MAX to the Indian shore, property agents in India can get maximum assistant in buying and selling of the real estate properties in India. No other real estate company can offer such a valuable educational tool. Special Events.

  • Indian Convention
  • Sales Rallies
  • National Advertisement
  • International Conventions
  • Regional convention
  • Orientation Training

Each new member of the RE/MAX India family undertakes a full-day Orientation Course. The course covers all of the systems, policies, procedures, tools and philosophy's of the world most successful real estate franchise network.

Broker Management Training :

RE/MAX India runs a comprehensive 4-day training program for all new real estate brokers. The training covers all aspects of the RE/MAX System, from its inception and philosophy, through to recruiting and the day-to-day operation of aRE/MAX office.

60 Minutes with RE/MAX :

RE/MAX India regularly hosts one-hour recruiting workshop sessions which are open to invited guests. These give potential members the opportunity to learn about the history of RE/MAX both internationally and in India, and also to hear from some of the top Sales Associates and Brokers within our company.

Boost Repeats & Referrals :

Brand power and repeat business: Every time you're past customers and clients see a RE/MAX ad or yard sign, they'll think of you - once you're with RE/MAX. See what happens to your closing ratios and total net when referrals travel directly between agents committed to referred business - and no middleman takes a cut. Customize your profile on the powerful RE/MAX Web Roster to open yourself to referral possibilities across more than 70 countries. Compound your repeat business Adding the power of RE/MAX to your existing client base or sphere of influence pushes the potential of your repeat and referral business dramatically higher. At RE/MAX you spend less time and effort going after expensive-to-get new business, as repeats and referrals become an ever-greater share of your overall business. Take full control of your referrals Unlike other national networks, at RE/MAX your referral business isn't viewed as a company profit center. There's no cut for a middleman. Referrals travel directly between Associates. And because of the high-caliber agents, such referrals more often result in closed transactions. Web Roster promotes your strengths Supporting the agent-to-agent referral system is a comprehensive Web-based roster that enables you to customize your biographical details to be more readily found - and, in turn, to more easily identify recipients who best click with the customers you refer. It's one more example of the strength of a brokerage-management concept designed for highly productive agents by highly productive agents.